Manipulation or control power?

For ten years Barclays has dominated the precious metal markets, with bursts of sales orders to give the idea that there wasn’t the risk of failure. Now it seems that Bitcoin suffered the same manipulation in the latest years since The Willy Report sustained that last year, a wide range of operators started suspicious behavior on Mt Gox. Actually, a random number between 10 and 20 Bitcoin would be purchased every 5-10 minutes, non-stop, for at least a month. Every time, you created an account, the account was spending a certain amount of USD to buy BTC, and soon after it was created a new account. This mechanismhas been repeated several times. In total, an amount of 112$ million was spent to buy almost 270,000 BTC - most of which was acquired in November. Therefore, this is why the value of BTC has increased of ten times in a month. We must recognize that, voluntarily or not Mt. Gox  tried to implement a BTC Ponzi style scheme for at least a year.

The "bubble" in November 2013 was led by hundreds of millions of dollars of false liquidity pumped into the market almost from nothing. Therefore, it’s natural that the Bitcoin price has been deflated for five months after its peak in December, all because there was never enough fiat to sustain a such price. In December 2013, the suspicious behavior bot on Mt Gox, mentioned before,  started to come out. In essence, a random number between 10 and 20 Bitcoin would have been purchased every 5-10 minutes, non-stop, for at least a month until the end of January. The bot has been dubbed "Willy".

The first account Willy, created September 27th, unlike all the others, had a user ID extremely high: 807884, although regular accounts at that time came only up to 650000. So, looking for other ID unusually high of users in that month, it was possible to find another account with an ID of 698630. Moreover, this account,