Welcome to Discover Bitcoin

Discover Bitcoin’s purpose is to be a 360° source of information about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Our story begins with a bitcoin-enthusiast student, Davide, who came up with the idea of a shared platform where students, teachers and whoever interested could have access to information and data about Bitcoin, in order to gain a deeper insight on the subject.
He met Antonio, a successful start-upper, who had been “playing” with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a while, and then Emanuela, who has been working in the e-payment sector. As a team, the three of them involved LUISS professors, with a particular involvement of the CASMEF and other partners (e.g. Google Developer) gathering a strong interest around the project. Therefore the idea of a bitcoin observatory was born.
Along the way, Annalaura joined them, being interested in the observatory because of her master thesis subject. Thus, the Discover Bitcoin team took place.

Now, let us explain you what this is all about. We are sure you have been hearing about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the past few months. So have we, and we have spent many hours researching onto the topic, trying to understand how they really work and most of all what is behind them. What we have noticed is a huge amount of dispersive and inconclusive information and the lack of a coherent and organized source where to find the answers to our questions and curiosity.

So we have been asking ourselves:
What if we are the ones to offer such a solution?
What if we manage to come up with a platform that could meet any needs regarding this subject?
This is what Discover Bitcoin wants to be about: a place where anyone interested in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies can find the information they need, whether their purposes are academic, financial, or they are led by simple curiosity.

We truly believe in this project. We think it can be a chance for students to approach the research world for the first time, for experts to find instruments for their jobs and for enthusiasts to share with us this growing passion.
Welcome to join us in this discovery!
Welcome to Discover Bitcoin!!!

Contact us at discoverbitcoin@luiss.it